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Will Duncan

Author, Adventurer, and Advocate

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Now Available: Specks of Dust

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Umaru Moses is a teenage Ugandan orphan surviving with other kids in the streets of Kampala. After a religiously zealous orphanage takes him in, he seizes an opportunity to leave his troubled past behind by running away during a field trip in Chicago. Instead, what he thought was an escape turns out to be a reckoning with his faith, sacrifices, sexuality, and upbringing. A coming-of-age story at its heart, the book interweaves tales of survival, perseverance, struggle, and hope to create a collage of modern American culture and its influence on those who seek to assimilate into it.


BlueInk Reviews - Starred (top 8%)

"This is a gripping, often gut-wrenching tale... but also one of hope and faith. The writing is stellar... The author’s knowledge of Uganda, its poverty, religion and hypocrisy, informs every sentence, as do authentic characters and dialogue... its exploration of those who persevere—and even dare to dream—despite great challenges will surely stay with readers well beyond the last page." .

Foreword Clarion Reviews - 5/5 Stars

"[T]ense, suspenseful... Specks of Dust is a riveting novel in which a sensitive young man takes an international route into his adulthood."

Story of Will Duncan

Will Duncan is the author of Specks of Dust. He began writing in 2011, taking creative writing classes throughout his young adulthood, including at his alma mater, UNC Chapel Hill. In 2017, he spent two months working with a nonprofit Christian orphanage in Uganda. He has worked previously in writing and editing for the Courtauld Institute in London, UK, and for Life With Dignity in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He is currently based in Charlotte, NC. ​ (Picture of author drawn by an unknown artist from Kisenyi in 2017)

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